Fenix Food Factory

Food and crafts by local entrepreneurs with a passion for quality

Fenix Food Factory

Lets settle this first. The term “factory” seems a little confusing. This location used to be a  warehouse. Of course the warehouse is a part of an abounded factory, so that’s why they chosen the name. Nowadays it’s like a indoor food market with a couple of local entrepreneurs who really produce tasty en high quality food. The little shops inside the food market offer great craft or delicious food. The furniture looks a little bit old, but makes it cosy at the same time. With a big terrace at the quay side it’s a big plus to consume your purchases in the sun.

Why on Regular Rotterdam?

The location and ambiance is perfect. It’s industrial and cosy at the same time. Our favourite is definitely the brewery which is called Kaapse Brouwers. These guys serve a lot of tasty beers and give it cool Dutch names. Make a combination with a cheese and meat plank and your day is official great.

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Veerlaan 19D
Rotterdam 3072 ZH NL
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There are different opening hours. The Fenix Food Factory is closed on Mondays. Check out their website for specific information.