The industrial music venue
Credits to the event photographer @ Strafwerk

Who is Annabel?

Annabel is the name of a music venue and café all in one. Annabel is located at the Schieblock: an industrial and old looking building where talented companies and creative minds gained their offices (sort of pop-up). Underneath and at the back of this building a music walhalla was risen. Annabel is different. During the Fridays a perfect place to have some after work drinks. At the Saturday fully crowded because of a DJ-set (sometimes international DJ’s). During the summer they work together with their neighbour and host their bar at the Beergarten. Yes, Annabel: the all-rounder.

Why on Regular Rotterdam?

We support music venues, there aren’t a lot of them in Rotterdam. Well, not many stay a success. Annabel is different. The location is perfect, the ambiance is right and their programme is unique. Why we personally love it: the Fridays night. You’ve got to see it yourself.

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Schiestraat 20
Rotterdam 3013 AH ZH NL
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Different times, depends on the act. Bar times: Thu: - 01:00 Fri-Sat: - 02:00